Brushette Help Center

Why a subscription service?

  • A box that comes periodically is a timely reminder for you to change your brushettes.

old-brushette-1We don't want to lock you in a plan. You might remember your last dentist appointment but you won't remember your last heads bought at a retail store. Once you figure out your own pattern of functions/quantity it's so much easier to get them on a regular basis than having to remember to shop for them. Even if you only need 1 brushette and only change it once a month and only want to pay $1, at least your next package will remind you to set aside that dirty brushette for recycling.

So, a subscription is de facto healthier for your teeth and your current brushette won't manage to get old until you replace it.

  •  Besides, if subscription, you will get your brushettes with a 50% discount! Instead of $2, it will charge you only $1 for each replaceable brushette.

SUBSubscribing = saving.

You can subscribe and customize your box depending on your dental needs. You can either choose to get 5 brushettes for $5, or 10 brushettes for $10 or 20 brushettes for $20. You can customize the scheduling as well choosing to get a box of different brushettes once per month, once per 2 months or once per 3 months. It's all up to you! Anyways, we recommend, that you change your brush heads more frequently.

So, don't waste time! Subscribe now!